Residential Lot in St. Thomas for Sale

Southaven, St. Thomas, Residential building lot

** UPDATE: This property has been sold. For more properties like this or other kind of listings, please contact me at (876) 783-6720 or email me via this link **

Approx 14,400 sq ft residential building lot in Southaven, St Thomas. Southhaven is a developed and developing community located approx 17 miles from Kingston, (before reaching the Yallahs pond) and approx 20 minutes before you get to Morant Bay. The subdivision boasts mainly two to three storey homes in good condition, occupied by middle income families. There is lots of scope for continued development, in a community where resale possibilities are better than average for similar type subdivisions.

The lot is located on West Edgeware Road and is the seventh road on the right, leading off Southaven Blvd.

This lot is being offered to the market at JMD$5 Million

For inquiries/viewing arrangements call Raymond L. Treasure @ (876) 783-6720

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