My Mission as your Real Estate Sales Consultant

My mission as you Sales Consultant is to develop contacts into mutually profitable relationships by
providing a high level of service to all, as together we seek to optimize all possibilities and achieve
our objectives.

What should you know

As a potential buyer, you need to be aware of what offerings there are in the market and how you can
complete a purchase. This ranges from what you are able to buy with the resources available to you,
the best deal for you as a potential borrower, the areas of focus when viewing properties and so on.

I seek to add value to this “informational stage” by locating properties matching the client’s criteria,
establishing potentially viable links with mortgage lenders and exercising patience when together,
we view properties. I remain available to all my clients to share my knowledge of the entire
acquisition process from identifying a property up to the point of collecting the keys at completion.

How we will work together

I will endeavour to maintain quality contact with you by all available means, including email
communication, and to respond to every enquiry within 48 hours.

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